Quality is an important point of departure and arrival for any company, even for business realities of relative size as Dafne.
Our aim has always been to ensure that the quality of our products can characterize us all over the world, where we are present from years with our products.
There is no quality in an absolute sense, quality is represented by the characteristics that allow it to meet the expectations of those who use the product, that is our customers.
Only the needs of our customers can define a product qualitatively valid or not.
Until now, in 30 years, Dafne is pleased to have been able, thanks to the only use of raw materials of excellent quality, to solve our customer’s problems.
The quality is also not only a purely technical concept, but it also covers organizational and management issues involving the company in all its parts.
From production, primarily, to the direction we must protect and promote the direct relationship between our company and our customers.

Abrasive products